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Solar Bat and Jimmy Houston invested hours and hours of innovation into developing the Jimmy Houston Series 2 Fishing Sunglasses.  While the Jimmy Houston Series 1 Sunglasses introduced fishermen and bass anglers to affordable, yet highly protective eyewear, the Jimmy Houston Series 2 builds on the same foundation and offers a few additional features.  Solar Bat with Jimmy Houston’s input opted for the highly appealing, stylish shiny light gunmetal colored frames that are ideal sunglasses for hotter months (each pair maintains a cool feeling on the face despite heat increases).  Bass fishermen seeking sunglasses that block sunlight from all angles appreciate this revolutionary frame design with larger lenses and a wider temple design.  If eliminating light from the corners of your sunglasses or beneath the lenses is ideal, then the Jimmy Houston Series 2 Fishing Sunglasses should be your next purchase.  Polarized for optimum vision during an array of environmental conditions, these sunglasses maximize fish-catching opportunities despite forever-changing weather conditions.

Jimmy Houston Series 2 Fishing Sunglasses Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Shiny Light Gunmetal (cooler on face during hot months)
  • FRAME FEATURES: Large lens size with wide temple design (blocks light from all angles)
  • FIT GUIDE: Medium Face with Average Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 69 mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 16 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 125 mm
  • LENSES: 1.0 mm TAC with 99.9% Polarization and blocks all harmful UV Rays


Jimmy Houston Series 2 Fishing Sunglasses – Lens Tint Variations

 SOFT GREEN (G) – Tint combining gray with green resulting in a lens tint that is very comfortable for the human eye. Enough green in the tint to highlight the green coloration in fish and aquatic vegetation.  Light transmission is 15%

 BROWN (B) – Pure brown tint is for flat or lower light conditions. Excellent for cloudy or partly cloudy days in the outdoors. Light transmission is 16%.

 BROWN WITH GREEN GRADIENT MIRROR (BM) – All the properties of the Brown tint but with a green mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 11% in the top and 16% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

 SOFT GREEN WITH BLUE GRADIENT MIRROR (GM) – All the properties of the soft green tint but with a blue mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 10% in the top and 15% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

Jimmy Houston Polarized PH Series 2 Fishing Sunglasses

Solar Bat and Jimmy Houston strive to create the ultimate in protective fishing eyewear that all anglers can afford.  While there are companies who specialize in manufacturing cheap fishing sunglasses, none invest the time nor the resources into manufacturing inexpensive, yet durable fishing sunglasses that simultaneously offer bass fishermen incredible polarized lens tint variations.  The Jimmy Houston Series 2 Fishing Sunglasses incorporate four different lens colors, two of which use gradient mirror tints that are helpful in specific weather conditions.  Learning which lens color to use at specific times of the day or during certain types of weather can ultimately decide how many fish an angler catches.  Solar Bat and Jimmy Houston empower fishermen of all types, but especially bass anglers, with the visual tools he/she needs to protect eyes while dissecting shallow water areas for roaming largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or spotted bass.  Years and years of testing led to the creation of the entire Jimmy Houston Fishing Sunglass Series, but the Series 2 is one of the more popular frame styles and colors.  Allow Solar Bat to positively impact your fishing today – like it has for millions of anglers around the globe! Like the Series 1 and Series 3, the Jimmy Houston Series 2 delivers significant polarization to protect the wearer’s eyes from harmful UV rays.

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Shiny Light Gunmetal / Soft Green, Shiny Light Gunmetal / Brown, Shiny Light Gunmetal / Brown Green Gradient Mirror, Shiny Light Gunmetal / Soft Green Blue Gradient Mirror

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