Jimmy Houston Series 3

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Solar Bat Sunglasses innovates annually, creating and modifying its revolutionary sunglasses to provide outdoor sports enthusiasts with the ultimate eyewear.  Jimmy Houston, one of the world’s most well-known professional bass fishermen and fishing television personalities, worked with Solar Bat to design, develop, test, and modify multiple Jimmy Houston Series Fishing Sunglasses.  The polarized Jimmy Houston Series 1 and Series 2 offered global bass anglers affordable. yet durable sunglasses with exceptional style and ergonomic comfort.  The Jimmy Houston Series 3 Fishing Sunglasses, too, provide bass fishermen and boaters with a new style and frame design – namely a Shiny Black and Yellow Accented frame color with TCG Temple inserts and nose pads for improved grip that prevents the Series 3 from moving around during fishing or while boating.  As with the other Jimmy Houston Series Fishing Sunglasses, fishermen may choose one or more lens colors/tints for these aesthetically appealing frames.   Join the Solar Bat Family and experience exceptional eyewear like never before, at an affordable price, starting with the Series 3!

Jimmy Houston Series 3 Fishing Sunglasses Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Shiny Black with Yellow Accent
  • TCG NOSE PADS: Gripping (frames with less sliding, moving while fishing or boating)
  • FIT GUIDE: Medium to Large Face with Average Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 63 mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 19 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 130 mm
  • LENSES: 1.0 mm TAC with 99.9% Polarization and blocks all harmful UV Rays


Jimmy Houston Series 3 Fishing Sunglasses – Lens Tint Variations

 SOFT GREEN (G): Tint combining gray with green resulting in a lens tint that is very comfortable for the human eye. Enough green in the tint to highlight the green coloration in fish and aquatic vegetation.  Light transmission is 15%

 BROWN (B): Pure brown tint is for flat or lower light conditions. Excellent for cloudy or partly cloudy days in the outdoors. Light transmission is 16%.

 BROWN WITH GREEN GRADIENT MIRROR (BM): All the properties of the Brown tint but with a green mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 11% in the top and 16% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

 SOFT GREEN WITH BLUE GRADIENT MIRROR (GM): All the properties of the soft green tint but with a blue mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 10% in the top and 15% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

Jimmy Houston Polarized PH Series 3 Fishing Sunglasses

Even the most remote fishing fan and even non-fishermen recognize Jimmy Houston.  He is one of the most well-known professional fishing personalities that the world has ever known.  His credibility, of course, is second to none, and Jimmy Houston goes to great lengths to protect his name and seal of approval on products, companies, and/or ideas.  Fortunately, Solar Bat and Jimmy Houston forged a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship that focused on creating, designing, developing, modifying, and testing highly durable, yet protective sunglasses and eyewear that fishermen and boaters could use and afford.  Both Solar Bat and Jimmy Houston witnessed the birth of multiple Jimmy Houston Pros Heroes Series that all boast of unique frame features but utilize the same high lens standards that consumers expect from Solar Bat manufacturing.

Jimmy Houston Series 3 Fishing Sunglasses combine the best elements of multiple series, offering bass fishermen and boaters a stylish shiny black with yellow accent frame color that incorporates yellow TCG temple inserts.  Make no mistakes, these TCG temple inserts and nose pads improve sunglass stability as the action intensifies, ensuring that each pair comfortably grips to the wearer’s facial and nose contours.  Similar to the other Jimmy Houston Series Sunglasses, the Series 3 individualizes the wearer’s experience with the sunglasses themselves since Solar Bat has invested tremendous resources into communicating the Series 3’s specific characteristics.  This, in turn, provides fishermen with all the details they need to know prior to making a purchasing decision.  Solar Bat wants to arm bass fishermen, crappie fishermen, and saltwater fishermen with protective polarized fishing eyewear for an affordable price tag.  Be sure to view the Jimmy Houston Series 1 and Series 2, as well.

Solar Bat Sunglasses sells premium polarized sunglasses, hunting sunglasses, and fishing sunglasses with Bat Bucks Tournament Contingency rewards/

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Shiny Black Yellow Accent / Soft Green, Shiny Black Yellow Accent / Brown, Shiny Black Yellow Accent / Brown Green Gradient Mirror, Shiny Black Yellow Accent / Soft Green Blue Gradient Mirror

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  1. Eddie Kidd

    These are my “Go To” sunglasses when I am in competition, on the water as I am running from spot to spot they protect my eyes from the wind and other particles in the air. because of how well the block out glare I can see what I need to see while fishing without squinting. They fit comfortable.

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