Larry Nixon 1 Prescription


“The General” Larry Nixon is one of the most respected professional bass anglers in the world.  This FLW Pro is largely regarded as one of the most humble, yet competitive bass fishermen in the sport’s history.  Solar Bat and Nixon chose to collaborate on the development of a prescription polarized fishing sunglasses. Larry, too, wears prescription Solar Bat Sunglasses!  Because Nixon’s opinion is so well-respected by Solar Bat, the idea was to hand over test models to Nixon and receive feedback on what features could be improved to help other fishermen achieve the highest level of durability, comfort, and eye protection possible for a fantastic price point.  Nixon delivered, without a doubt, and assisted in the creation of the ever-popular Larry Nixon Prescription Series sunglasses.  Its shiny-black frame color with gray accented TCG accents prove extremely popular in addition to the TCG nose pads, which improve sunglass stability during action-packed, movement-oriented fishing when traditional sunglasses have a tendency to shift and/or fall off. The Larry Nixon Series Fishing Sunglasses have become globally respected sunglasses, especially for the affordable price tag and versatile lens tint/color options to combat different weather-induced light-impacted conditions.

Larry Nixon 1 Prescription Sunglasses Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Shiny Black with Black TCG
  • FRAME MATERIAL: TR90 with TCG Nose Pads
  • FIT GUIDE: Average to Large with Average Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 64 mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 15 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 130 mm


Larry Nixon 1 Prescription Sunglasses – Lens Tint Variations

AMBER: Filters blue light. Excellent tint for low light conditions. Light transmission is 16%.

 GRAY: Neutral filtration. Filters all colors equally. All purpose tint. Light transmission is 14%.

 MOSSBACK® GREEN: Brightens green and bleaches browns. Designed for fishing and water sports. Light transmission is 15%.

Larry Nixon 1 Prescription Sunglasses

Larry Nixon is one of those professional bass fishermen who people love.  His personality is welcoming and his fishing career demonstrates craft mastery, especially as a worm fisherman.  His humble personality makes him appealing as an ambassador in the sport.  Excited by the potential to work with Larry Nixon on a new fishing sunglasses, Solar Bat began the creative phase to design the basic frame structure that Nixon would ultimately approve for his series sunglasses.  During the creative phase of developing, modifying, testing, and modifying, Solar Bat leaned heavily on Nixon for his professional opinion. Of course, safety is always a primary concern – safety from flying debris and visual clarity for navigation safety, as well.  From there, ergonomic comfort level is explored, followed by visual clarity for fishing execution, i.e. sight fishing, spotting feeding schools, etc.  Durability – the ability to withstand day in and day out fishing pressure – became a focal point, too. Solar Bat sought to accomplish all of these objectives without forcing fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts from spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  After months of tweaking the basic model, the Larry Nixon Prescription Series Fishing Sunglasses became a public reality and have since become a popular sunglass series for global freshwater and coastal fishermen.  As with the other Solar Bat Prescription Series models, this series allows customers to choose one of three lens tints: gray, amber, and Mossback Green.

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Shiny Black / Distance Only – Amber, Shiny Black / Distance Only – Gray, Shiny Black / Distance Only – Mossback®, Shiny Black / Lined Bifocal – Amber, Shiny Black / Lined Bifocal – Gray, Shiny Black / Lined Bifocal – Mossback®


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