Solar Bat 35 Hunting Shooting


Solar Bat Sunglasses appreciates hunters and sport sharp shooters.  As such, the Solar Bat 35 Hunting Shooting Sunglasses feature polycarbonate frames with Realtree AP® Camo and ANSI Z87.1-certified polycarbonate lenses to protect hunters’ eyes from wind-blown or flying debris while hunting and shooting.  Recreational hunters and professional hunters need secure, comfortable, and durable protective eyewear, and Solar Bat Sunglasses designed the 35 product line for serious hunters who know the difference between quality sunglasses and generic sunglasses.  These hunting sunglasses and shooting sunglasses improve visual clarity, as well, while hunters lock down on a target.  The adjustable TCG nose pads and bottom edge inserts on the temples provide secure and comfortable fit for medium to large facial structures.  Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your hunting adventures – to protect your eyes from potentially dangerous debris.  The Solar Bat 35 Hunting Shooting Sunglasses are affordable, as well.

Solar Bat 35 Hunting Shooting Sunglasses Features

  • LENS STYLE: Semi-rimless style is great for hunting and shooting
  • LENS MATERIAL: Durable Polycarbonate (ANSI Z87.1-certified)
  • FRAME MATERIAL: Lightweight Polycarbonate Safety Rated Frame
  • FRAME FEATURES: TCG co-injected in the temples and nose pads (on ,most styles)
  • LENS SIZE: 65mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 17mm
  • FIT GUIDE: Ideal for medium to large face sizes


Solar Bat 35 Hunting Shooting Sunglasses – Lens Tint Variations

GREEN – Makes green more visible on any game, such as green on ducks or pheasants. Allows you to identify species and gender of ducks from a greater distance. Light transmission is 15%

YELLOW – The ultimate high contrast tint. Yellow will give you 30 additional minutes of light in both the AM and PM. Excellent for hunting and shooting sports in low light situations. Light transmission is 34%.

HIGH VIS YELLOW – Yellow/green tint is designed for hunting game such as deer or quail as it will make the white of the animal more visible against the predominately brown body. This tint will also enhance the game against the background in the field. Light transmission is 27%.

G15 SOFT GREEN – Tint combining gray with green resulting in a lens tint that is very comfortable for the human eye. General use tint and best on bright days. Light transmission is 15%.

Solar Bat 35 – Hunter Sunglasses and Shooter Sunglasses

Solar Bat Sunglasses understands the demanding nature of outdoor sports.  However, hunters experience varying weather conditions, light conditions, and environmental challenges in such a way that only the best hunting and shooting sunglasses suffice. The Solar Bat 35 Hunting Shooting Sunglasses provide hunters with reliable eyewear protection options as opposed to sheer style and no substance.  Best of all, hunters and/or sport shooters on a budget enjoy the affordability of this particular series.  Why spend more for inferior hunting eyewear protection when an affordable option for superior hunting sunglasses exists? Because hunting requires disciplined concentration and sheer determination to overcome physical exhaustion, hunting eyewear should complement these hunting realities. Solar Bat Sunglasses incorporated eye protection lenses, durable frames, and additional sunglass features for comfort to ensure each and every hunter is prepared prior to ever shooting a bullet or an arrow. The 35 Series aims to protect your valuable eyesight while also assisting with necessary visual enhancement that proves beneficial for hunting and shooting.  Save yourself money on hunting sunglasses and join the Solar Bat Family today!

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All Hunting/Shooting Sunglasses are imported.

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Realtree AP/Green Non-Polarized, Realtree AP/Yellow Non-Polarized, Realtree AP/Hi Vis Yellow Non-Polarized, Realtree AP Soft Green Non-Polarized


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