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Solar Bat Sunglasses believes that all hunters and shooters deserve quality protective eyewear.  Solar Bat answered the challenge, creating multiple Pros and Heroes Hunting and Shooting Series sunglasses.  The Solar Bat 77, however, is one of the company’s most popular hunting shooting sunglasses.  The 77 Series rugged polycarbonate frames and safety certified polycarbonate lenses are designed to protect the hunter’s eyes from unexpected debris, insects, and a whole host of unwanted encounters.  Solar Bat’s affordable eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts, like the 77 Series, never disappoint.  Hunters shouldn’t take chances with their eyesight, and Solar Bat 77 Hunting Shooting sunglasses remove some potential hunting complications from hunting trips.  If you’ve never worn a pair of Solar Bat Sunglasses, here is your chance to upgrade your eyewear and actually save money!

  • LENS STYLE: Wrap Around Style for Hunting/Shooting
  • LENS MATERIAL: Durable Polycarbonate (ANSI Z87.1-certified)
  • FRAME MATERIAL: Lightweight Polycarbonate Safety Rated Frame
  • FRAME FEATURES: Matte frame finish to avoid any reflected light that could “spook” game.
  • LENS SIZE: 66mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 15mm
  • FIT GUIDE: Ideal for small to large face sizes



Solar Bat 77 Hunting Shooting Sunglasses – Lens Tint Variations

GREEN – Makes green more visible on any game, such as green on ducks or pheasants. Allows you to identify species and gender of ducks from a greater distance. Light transmission is 15%

YELLOW – The ultimate high contrast tint. Yellow will give you 30 additional minutes of light in both the AM and PM. Excellent for hunting and shooting sports in low light situations. Light transmission is 34%.

HIGH VIS YELLOW – Yellow/green tint is designed for hunting game such as deer or quail as it will make the white of the animal more visible against the predominately brown body. This tint will also enhance the game against the background in the field. Light transmission is 27%.

G15 SOFT GREEN – Tint combining gray with green resulting in a lens tint that is very comfortable for the human eye. General use tint and best on bright days. Light transmission is 15%.

Solar Bat 77 – Hunter Sunglasses and Shooter Sunglasses

Outdoor enthusiasts who hunt and shoot appreciate rugged, durable sunglass frames with high quality, though affordable lenses.  An active outdoor lifestyle proves problematic at times. Protecting ones eyes is a responsible decision that requires the right equipment, namely quality eyewear.  Hunters and shooters are drawn to hunting sunglasses and hunting eyewear that actually meets protection standards while never sacrificing vision enhancement.  Fortunately, Solar Bat Sunglasses manufactures and sells those types of hunting sunglasses and protective shooting eyewear!  The Solar Bat 77 Hunting Shooting Sunglasses provide a wrap-around feel for extra protection and wider visual awareness, and both achievements contribute to the 77 Series’ performance enhancement potential.  Choosing the right brand and model, of course, is the challenging part.  The Solar Bat 77 Hunting and Shooting Sunglasses deliver protection, comfort, style, and visual clarity.  Most importantly, this sunglass series became a major eyewear contender when hunters and shooters realized that Solar Bat’s high quality, affordable hunting sunglasses outperform sunglasses twice as expensive.  Join the Solar Bat Family today by using the industry’s most affordable, yet high quality hunting sunglasses.  The Solar Bat 77 Hunting Shooting Sunglasses serve to protect hunters’ and shooters’ eyes while also celebrating impressive durability and smooth style in each pair.

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Solar Bat imports all Hunting Sunglasses and Shooting Sunglasses.

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Green/Green Non-Polarized, Green/Yellow Non-Polarized, Green/Hi Vis Yellow Non-Polarized, Green/Soft Green Non-Polarized


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