AR 1010 with Non-Typical Camo

AR 1010 with Non-Typical Camo

by Solar Bat $369.99


Rectangular frame designed with pronounced edges and wide temple to offer eye protection from every angle.  The frame finish is a unique camouflage called Boneyard Non-Typical and incorporates deer antlers into the pattern.  Metal AR logo is located on the outside of both temples. 

Frame size:
Eye:  60 mm
Bridge: 13 mm
Temples: 135 mm
Frame color:  
Boneyard Non-Typical Camouflage

Sunglasses come with a microfiber pouch and protective nylon carrying case.

To read more about the tints click here

PNVXD Prescription Lens Tints: Available in Distance or Lined Bifocal
NO mirrors or gradients available
Available in prescription in distance or lined bifocal only.  
PRESCRIPTION RANGE:  Distance or lined bifocal only in +3.00 to -3.00 sphere and up to a 2.00 cylinder.  Any bifocal prescription from +1.00 to +2.50 is available.
YOU MUST fax a copy of your prescription with eye doctor’s signature to Solar Bat® at 812-986-3550.  The prescription must include your PD measurement (distance between your eyes).  If it does not call your doctor for that information before faxing.  For any questions call 800-761-8228.
Warranty applies to frames only.

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