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Corvette™ 1001
Corvette™ 1001

Corvette™ 1001

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Solar Bat Sunglasses designed the Corvette 1001 for immediate driving use!  For those individuals who prefer sportier frames with the Corvette logo, this is the right pair of driving sunglasses for you!  Now you can experience the Corvette brand identity while driving your favorite automobile.  Improve your visual performance while driving or participating in outdoor activities.  Solar Bat Sunglasses dedicated itself to designing these driving sunglasses for multi-purpose outdoor social situations, as well.  Never shy, the Corvette 1001 injects life and performance enhancement into your driving activities and outdoor fun.

Corvette™ 1001 Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Carbon Fiber with Shiny Yellow and Yellow TCG or Shiny White with Gray TCG

  • FRAME MATERIAL: TR90 with TCG accents and C6 Logo

  • FIT GUIDE: Average with Average Nose

  • EYE SIZE: 69 mm

  • BRIDGE SIZE: 15 mm

  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 125 mm



Corvette™ 1001 - Non-Polarized Lens Tint Variations

   GRAY SLIVER FLASH MIRROR: Filters all visible light equally. Light transmission is 11%.

Corvette™ 1001 - Solid Polarized Lens Tint Variations

  AMBER: Filters blue light. Excellent tint for low light conditions. Light transmission is 16%.

  GRAY: Neutral filtration. Filters all colors equally. All purpose tint. Light transmission is 14%.

 GRAY ICE BLUE MIRROR: Light transmission is 9%.

Corvette™ 1001 Sunglasses

Solar Bat Sunglasses created the Corvette 55, Corvette 1040, Corvette 2040, and Corvette 1003 for drivers who want premium visual clarity while driving, working outside, or playing outside.  In all three cases, with each Corvette Driving Series Sunglasses, wearer's capture the essence of the Corvette brand identity (logo is featured on the arms/sides).  The Corvette™ 1001's avant-garde frame color and frame design fully complements the Corvette identity while also providing eye protection and visual clarity.  From superior frame shape, intense frame color, and tremendous frame functionality, this sunglass model encompasses all of the necessary safety, durability, and comfort characteristics that a driver or outdoor enthusiast could need or want.  Sport your new Corvette 1001 sunglasses on that next road trip or during that next summer barbecue or while lounging at the pool.

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