SB25 - Golf

SB25 - Golf

by Solar Bat $139.99
TCG adjustable nose pads to fit any nose and co-injected TCG in 
the temples keep this frame style in place on your face under even 
the most extreme conditions. This is a great choice if you have trouble
with eyelashes rubbing your lenses or sunglasses that set on your cheeks.

Frame color: shiny black with gray TCG

Fitting Guide: Average head size and adjustable nose pads to fit any nose
Eye size: 71mm
Bridge: 17mm with adjustable pads
Temples: 135mm

MSRP: $139.99

Made in the USA

Designed by an optometrist

Frame material is lightweight and durable TR90.

Nose pads, temple boots, and co-injection temple material is Solar Bat’s 
proprietary TCG.

TCG (Temperature Controlled Grip) will actually increase grip, 
as the temperature gets hotter.

Proprietary PNVXD optics (Prescribed Natural Vision with Xtra Definition) 
were designed by Dr. Nesty to eliminate all distortion, in both straight 
ahead gaze and in the periphery, with absolutelyno effect on depth perception.

The curve of the PNVXD lens is design to be consistent with the motion 
of the eye in all positions of gaze resulting in natural vision in all directions.

PGG (Performance Golf Green) will brighten the greens and improve 
your ability to read contours and grain.

PGB (Performance Golf Brown) will improve your ability to track 
the ball against the sky and your ability to read contours and grain on the greens.

Sunglasses include a semi hard case and a microfiber pouch that can 
be used to clean the lenses.

Money back guarantee on all purchases

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