TH1 Sunglasses

TH1 Sunglasses

by Solar Bat Enterprises Inc. $79.99
Tim Horton designed the all new TH1 sunglass for rugged durability and lightweight comfort.  The crystal light gray frame color is cool on the face no matter how hot the temperature.  Temples have co-injection molded TCG in black color.  Bridge is adjustable and also features TCG.  TCG is Temperature Controlled Grip and will actually grip more the hotter the temperature so you can fight fish and not your sunglasses.
Frame color:  
Crystal light gray with black trim
Frame Size: 
Lens size:  63mm
Bridge:  18mm adjustable

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PNVX Polarized Lens Tints:


PNVXD Polarized with Flash Mirror Lens Tints:


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