• Filters blue light
  • Excellent tint for low light
  • 16% light transmission

(16% light transmission) Amber is a very comfortable tint for the eye. Blue light is at the end of the visible spectrum, thus blue is more difficult for the human eye and visual system to process. The amber tint’s filtration curve is skewed toward the blue end of the spectrum thus eliminating much of the blue light that can cause eyestrain. Amber is very effective as a tint in flat light as it will improve contrast sensitivity. Amber will darken browns and distort color perception slightly.


DRIVING and RIDING – filters blue light for comfort and improves contrast in flat light.
FISHING – darkens brown shades and improves contrast in flat light.


  • Neutral filtration
  • Filters all colors equally
  • All purpose tint
  • 14% light transmission

(14% light transmission) Gray is a neutral density filter. This means that gray filters all wavelengths of the visible spectrum equally.  All colors remain true. The gray tinted lens has the lowest light transmission of all the Solar Bat® tints making it our darkest tints.


DRIVING and RIDING – many people like gray because color perception of especially red and green remains true.
PHOTOGRAPHY and PAINTING – gray will not distort color perception.


  • Brightens green and bleaches browns
  • Designed for fishing and water sports
  • 15% light transmission

(15% light transmission) A proprietary true green tint that highlights green while bleaching out brown. The tint is dark enough to be worn in the bright sun while increasing contrast sensitivity in low light as well. This means that you can wear the tint on the brightest of days yet not feel like you have to take it off if the sun goes under a cloud.


DRIVING and RIDING: This polarized tint will nearly make the rain disappear in even the worst conditions.  You will see cars and obstacles on the road when others are pulling off the road.

FISHING – Mossback® will make green objects such as bass or weed lines more visible.  Mossback® also bleaches out muddy water to improve visibility.
WATER SPORTS – read the water better when skiing, jet skiing, or boating because this tint allow you to see hazards lurking under the surface such as stumps or weeds.
WATERFOWL HUNTING – takes all the glare off the surface of the water to relieve eye strain and fatigue. This tint will allow you to determine the sex of ducks from a greater distance by brightening green, darkening red, and bleaching out brown.