Visual Conditions

Fishermen pitch, flip, crank, spinner bait, Carolina rig, drop shot, Alabama rig and the list goes on and on.  A different length rod and reel style/retrieve ratio are required for each style of fishing.  Most serious fishermen would not think of going on the water with less than one to two dozen different rod lengths and actions and a like assortment of reels and line size and composition.  In many cases that same fisherman will go on the water with one pair of sunglasses in one tint only.

Just as there are different fishing techniques coming into play in a day on the water, there are also different visual conditions as well.  Fishing, as in most sports, is 80% visual.  You have to have great hand eye coordination and that is a gift or can be cultivated with hours of practice but the foundation is great vision.  Different tints will perform better under different light and watercolor conditions.  Solar Bat has a tint for every light level and watercolor a fisherman may encounter.  The Pro Edition Series is designed with an optical quality lens that is priced so multiple lens tints are affordable.  If you want to improve your performance on the water match your Performance Polarized Sunglass tint to the conditions and you will put more fish in your livewell.

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