Why should you wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses improve your vision and relax eyestrain when in bright light conditions.  But just as importantly sunglasses protect your eyes.  High quality sunglasses have lenses that utilize the most recent developments in lens technology.  The newest high-tech material is very light in weight and much more impact resistant that materials previously used.  To be certain the lenses in the sunglasses you purchase have the safe impact resistance the center thicknesses should be at least 1.5mm.  A second way sunglasses protect your eyes is filtration of UV wavelengths.  UV wavelengths are just outside the visible spectrum for the human eye.  UV has been found to accelerate aging changes in the human eye such as cataracts and macular degeneration.  UV exposure can result in skin cancers and sunglasses that filter UV can protect the skin around the wearer’s eyes.  UV exposure can result in eye discomfort, as it will cause the eyes to dry and become red.

In short when selecting sunglasses make sure the lens thickness is 1.5mm or more and the lenses are also UV blocking to ensure that your money spent is resulting in state-of-the-art eye protection.

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