Benefits of Driving and Golf Sunglasses

When watching your favorite golfer, you may notice the way they hold their golf clubs or search how many times they have made a hole in one.Your favorite professional driver will capture your interest with their drifts and spins, as well as their incredible speed. But, have you ever taken note of their eyewear?

You may think professional golfers and drivers only wear sunglasses for fashion or to look cool, but the reality is the sunglasses they typically wear actually have many benefits.

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Polarized sunglasses differ from regular sunglasses due to a chemical film that is encased within the lenses. This chemical film is essential to eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces. When it comes to outdoor activities such as driving, being able to see properly without the glare of the sun is critical.  Polarized sunglasses will eliminate annoying glare from horizontal surfaces such as the road and the hood of your car.

However, sunglasses and polarized sunglasses  have lots of additional benefits outside of just filtering sunlight. Let’s take a look at a few.



Five Things you didn't know about Driving and Golf Sunglasses

  1. They help to reduce eye damage - While a sunny day with clear skies is sometimes a relief for outdoor pro-sports, being in the sun for hours at a time has its challenges. The sun’s harmful UV rays contribute to many eye conditions including cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis. Driving and golf sunglasses are effective at filtering the harmful UV wavelengths. 
  2. They can improve vision - Golf and driving glasses have different color hues specific to the conditions under which the driver or golfer will be performing. Golfers tend to go for colors to enhance contrast on the greens such as brown and green. While drivers tend to go for gray, amber and green polarized lenses. 

    These colors help to sharpen vision and remove glare that could impede performance. 

    • They can help to reduce headaches - Eye Strain can develop from extensive time spent in the sun, which can cause frequent headaches. Wearing performance golf & polarized driving glasses reduces the glares from the sun, thus reducing eye strain. This can result in the reduction of headaches caused by eye strain. 
    • Polarization increases contrast - The chemical film encapsulated in the sun lenses help to increase the contrast, which enhances colors. This will help both on sunny days and cloudy days, as you will be able to see sharp, vibrant colors as opposed to just reflected colors.
    • They are not for every sport - While polarized sunglasses are helpful for sports and outdoor activities such as fishing, driving and hiking, they can impede vision in others. 

    Swimming, skiing and snowboarding are some examples, as the glare from the snow and ice is important, and sometimes necessary to prevent accidents. 

    Many digital screens are now compensated to accommodate polarized glasses. On non-compensated digital screens polarized lenses will cause the screen to appear dark. 

    Where To Buy the Best Golf and Driving Sunglasses in the USA

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    Now that you know the benefits of polarized sunglasses when driving or performance sunglasses when golfing, you need to know the best place to get yourself a pair… or a few pairs. We have a wide selection of performance sunglasses for both golfing and driving. Our glasses take into consideration comfort, functionality and style. Check out our catalog!

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