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Meet the Staff: 


Gary Nesty

Gary Nesty, O.D.

CEO Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc.

 Gary Nesty, O.D. graduated with honors from the Indiana University School of Optometry.  Dr. Nesty returned to his hometown of Brazil, Indiana to set up a solo practice specializing in family optometry with special emphasis on geriatric care.  Dr. Nesty does pre and post-op care on cataract surgery, diagnostic testing on both dry and wet macular degeneration, diagnoses and treats glaucoma, as well as testing and diagnoses of diabetic retinopathy.   Dr. Nesty places emphasis on preventive care and early diagnosis as of upmost benefit to his patients.  Dr. Nesty is married to Leesa who is the manager of his optometry practice.  Dr. Nesty and Leesa have one daughter, Mandy, who is the president and COO of Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc.  Dr. Nesty and Leesa are the proud grandparents of Dylan who is in a 2 year residency at Riley Children's Hospital for pediatric dentistry, Laney who will be attending ISU fall 2022, and Jared who is a sophomore in High School.  Dr. Nesty is proud to say he is a Christian and has been since his early years.  He gives the glory of all his success in his life to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mandy Shepherd

President and COO Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc.

 Amanda “Mandy” Shepherd has worked for her father since high school.  Mandy attended and graduated from Indiana State University and began full time after graduation.  Mandy is the person who makes Solar Bat operate efficiently and juggles her work with the family responsibilities she takes so seriously. Mandy is married to Ryan Shepherd, who is a cryogenic engineer, and often assists with computer and design issues. In her free time she is a volunteer with CASA, a volunteer firefighter, a case manager for individuals with developmental disabilities and most recently received her EMT certification.  Mandy has three children Dylan, Laney, Jared and a wonderful daughter-in-law Kaitlin.  All three of Mandy’s children excel in school and have admirable goals set for their lives.  Mandy’s personality and commitment to customer service is what makes Solar Bat so successful.  Mandy is a pet lover and has four dogs and four cats currently.  Mandy too has been a Christian since her childhood and makes sure that her family is in church every Sunday.

 Solar Bat Products 

“Made in USA” vs “Assembled in USA”

 Unlike most of our competition, Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc. wants to be totally honest and transparent when addressing the issue of “Made” vs “Assembled” in the USA.  This labeling is impossible to maintain for any length of time, as is the case with so many regulations established by the U.S. Government.  The definition changes from time to time depending on the politics of the party in power.

 Over the years, country of origin definition has ranged from the country where the highest percentage of the product’s components originated, to the country where the highest percentage of labor was performed, to the country where the components became the final product.  Now most recently to be “Made in USA” the government says, all or virtually all, of the product’s components must be made in the USA.

 Solar Bat purchases unassembled sunglass frame components, polarized and non-polarized lens blanks, logos, and packaging from all over the world, including the USA.  We use only companies that provide the best quality per dollar spent and comply with all fair labor practices by international certification.  We pass that value on to our customers.  The Solar Bat Sunglass plant is in Brazil, Indiana and at that plant USA citizens assemble all frame parts, install all logos, do any necessary screen printing on frames, cut all lens blanks to size and shape, insert all lenses into frames, do all quality control, and then complete the product by packaging including labeling.  This process is true for all Performance Polarized, Signature Polarized, Golf Series, Tennis and Softball Series, Computer/Gaming Series, and Driving Series.  The process is also true in many but not all styles in the Hunting/Shooting Series and EL Logo Series.

 To be honest and transparent, according to current U.S. Government guidelines, most all Solar Bat Sunglasses are “Assembled in the USA”.  Solar Bat has searched for USA suppliers for all our sunglass components, but unfortunately the quality and value per dollar spent is not currently available.  Solar Bat continues to be committed to the best value and quality per dollar spent but we are also always searching for avenues to achieve this goal by only purchasing components made in the USA.


Mandy Shepherd

President Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc.