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Collection: Performance Driving and Motorcycling

To be a safe on the road one must have excellent vision and depth perception under a variety of conditions. One must visually perform under various levels of light including direct sunlight, poor visual conditions in both a light and heavy rain, as well as when facing the glare of oncoming headlights especially the blue light emitted by many of the late model automobiles.

Sunglasses for Driving and Motorcycling

Dr. Gary Nesty designed a variety of tints specifically for these various conditions. Match the tint to the conditions and improve your performance and safety when driving or motorcycle riding. Along with the specialized tints, Dr. Nesty developed a new lens optics to increase visual comfort in visually demanding activities. The doctor calls the newly designed optics PNVXG3 and these lenses also are high impact resistant. In addition to lens tint and optical quality, the frame design and fit is extremely importance. Dr. Nesty used his 40 years of experience as an optometrist to design a frame line that will wrap around the wearer’s face blocking light from all angles. Much of annoying light comes from the side. Frames are not only rugged but very light in weight so the sunglasses will stay in place on your face during a full day of driving.

Frame material is TR90 which is the most comfortable, rugged, and lightweight in the sunglass market. Many of the frame styles have co-injected TCG in the temples and on the nose pads. TCG will actually grip the wearer’s face better the hotter the conditions.

Lens material is polycarbonate which again is the lightest weight and most rugged in the sunglass lens market. Lenses have a scratch resistant coating on front and back surface. Polycarbonate also blocks UV light and are the ultimate in eye safety.

Polarized sunglass tints and their applications are:

Brown APLight transmission of 17% for those partly cloudy days.
Gray GP: Light transmission of 14% for those brightest of days.
Green MP: Light transmission of 16% for cloudy days and especially effective when
daylight driving in the rain. The wearer will actually see better and
further down the road than with the naked eye.

Non-Polarized blue HEV blocking tints and their applications are:

Blue HEV Filtering BFLight transmission of 80% but blocking all the HEV blue light that causes eye strain. Especially effective in blocking the blue glare from
oncoming headlights.

Blue HEV Filtering Gradient BFGLight transmission of 20% in the upper 25% of the lens with 80% light transmission in the lower 75% of the lens. Great
tint for driving on narrow roads to avoid oncoming headlight glare.
Just tilt the head down and direct your gaze through the upper
portion of the lens until the oncoming car goes past.

All Blue HEV Filtering lenses also have a blue anti-reflection coating on the back surface.

Treat your eyes to the best driving sunglasses and/or motorcycling sunglasses in the sunglass market. Designed by the owner/optometrist for your improved performance, eye protection, and visual comfort then tested for a minimum of 6 months before introduced in the market.

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