Can You Play Tennis With Progressive Lenses?

We all want crisp, clear vision 100% of the time, and why wouldn’t we? There's an old adage that wearing glasses is like seeing in 4K, while your unaided eyesight is closer to 480p. Being able to see uninhibited is an absolute joy and pleasure. 

Clear vision is even more appreciated when unassisted vision prevents you from being efficient at additional tasks, such as sports, hunting or driving. 

Eye conditions vary and differ from person to person, and hence the prescriptions also differ. One of the many types of lenses that are sometimes used to treat vision problems are progressive lenses. 

Progressive Prescription Sunglasses - Solar Bat

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are a multifocal lens for people who need assistance in seeing at varying distances. It allows people to be able to see both closeup and distant objects without bifocal or trifocal lines separating the lenses. They are sometimes referred to as multifocal lenses. 

The need for progressive lenses typically increases as people get older. Vision in people 35 and older sometimes have difficulty focussing their vision on distance objects. This condition is known as presbyopia. 

In order to help to correct this problem, people end up wearing different glasses for reading and for seeing distant objects. Progressive lenses offer the convenience of combining these lenses into one single pair of glasses. 

How do progressive lenses differ from bifocal lenses?

Both progressives and bifocals have multiple prescriptions, and treat the effects of presbyopia. However, the main difference between progressives lenses and bifocal lenses is that progressives provide a more seamless transition between the near and far prescription lenses. 

While a bifocal lens is separated into distinct areas for the near and far prescription. 

Additionally, since they don’t have the bifocal line, progressives deliver a more youthful, seamless look. 

Simply put, progressives are a more modern upgrade to the bifocal and trifocal lenses. 

Do progressive sunglasses exist?

People who need assistance with their vision want to be able to see clearly all the time, not just while they are indoors. For years, the struggle has been between wearing dress prescription glasses outdoors without the UV protection, or wearing non-prescription sunglasses sacrificing clear vision for comfort and protection from the sun. 

A transition lens tint offers some form of protection, but these lenses still have limitations. 

The introduction of prescription sunglasses was a game changer for so many people. Including for people who enjoy competitive outdoor activities. An even bigger game changer was prescription sunglasses including progressive lenses. 

This meant that persons who are in need of progressive lenses were able to enjoy outdoor activities and sports without their vision being compromised, including high energy sports! 

Can you play tennis with progressive lenses?

Tennis players wear prescription glasses too! Being able to have the comfort and confidence of a prescription lens while offering up a game winning return makes all the difference.  The tint in Solar Bat Performance Tennis Sunglasses will enhance the visibility of the yellow tennis ball and the out-of-bounds lines.  Enhancing yellow will be a detriment when looking into the sun on the serve or returning a loob. All things considered, since tennis is a fast action sport, with rapid head movements, and requiring distance only vision, progessive prescription lenses are not recommended.  Distance only prescription is the best choice.


Victory Vision Prescription Progressive Sunglasses - Solar Bat


In golf, on the other hand, a progressive prescription sunglass is the perfect solution to seeing the flag on the green on the drive, while offering up clear vision when marking the score card. The tints in our Performance Golf Sunglasses will enhance visibility of the grain and contours of the greens.  Solar Bat’s Performance Golf Sunglasses will improve your handicap by improving your putting skills.  As the old saying goes, “drive for show and putt for dough”. 

So, if you are ready to serve the ball on the tennis court or putt on the green, uninterrupted by the sun or poor vision, it's time to order your pair of Performance Tennis or Performance Golf Solar Bat sunglasses in either non-prescription or any form of prescription!

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