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Fishing & Golf sunglasses: How Different are they?

If you plan on participating in any outdoor sporting activity, protecting your eyes must be a priority. Your eyes, like your skin, require protection from the sun's dangerous UV rays. UV damage can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, photokeratitis and other eye diseases. For hobbies such as fishing and golfing that require long hours in the sunlight, fishing and golfing glasses are a must. 

What are fishing glasses?

Fishing glasses are sunglasses that are polarized to take glare off the water allowing the wearer to better see what is under the surface. Polarized lenses encapsulate a special chemical filter. The chemical's molecules are lined up specifically to block annoying glare from horizontal surfaces, hence enhancing vision and reducing glare.  Glare is to vision as static is to hearing. 

What are the benefits of fishing glasses?

Wearing polarized sunglasses while fishing has several benefits, including: 

  • Increased visual comfort  by greatly reducing glare from horizontal surfaces
  • Enhanced clarity of vision
  • Enhancing the colors of the lake, pond or sea
  • Blocks out reflections from horizontal surfaces.
  • Blocks all harmful UV wavelengths
  • Reduces eye strain and overall eye fatigue

What are golf glasses?

Golf sunglasses filter out excessive sunlight, block all harmful UV wavelengths, thus protecting your eyes from damage. Golf glasses also help to sharpen your vision, due to reducing the glare from the sunlight. Additionally, the right golf tint will give you a clearer, more accurate view of the grain and contours on the greens. 

What is the difference between golf glasses and fishing glasses?

The main difference between fishing glasses and golf glasses is the tint of the lenses. Knowing the best lens tint results in your sunglasses enhancing your vision. The best tints for golfing are Performance Golf Brown and Performance Golf Green. These hues improve contrast on the greens allowing improved visualization of grain and contour.  The ultimate equipment to improve your handicap is Performance Golf Sunglasses. By reading the grain and contour on the greens more accurately, your putting will naturally improve.  Spending big money on the latest greatest driver possibly will get you 5 more yards, but you still have to hit the ball again to get to the green.  Knock one stroke off your putting on 2 or 3 holes per game and watch your handicap go down.  As the old saying goes, “drive for show and putt for dough”.

Depending on where you want to fish, you'll need more color selections.

  • Gray Blue mirror lenses are best for bright, sunny conditions, on open water or offshore. 
  • Green lenses are great for in-shore fishing and enhance green while bleaching out brown. Green is the ultimate sight fishing tint.
  • Amber lenses are best for flat light fishing

Our fishing pro-staff are all award-winning professionals and rely heavily on our state of the art polarized sunglasses when competing. 

Hank Parker has been a professional fisher since 1976 and has won many titles including: Two-time BassMaster Classic champion, BassMaster Angler of the Year, Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, and International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame!

Bradley Roy has won titles such as MLF Bass Pro Shops Tour, three-time BassMaster Classic qualifier, and BassMaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year. Most recently, he earned his First Career MLF Bass Pro Tour Win at the B&W Trailer Hitches Stage One! 

So, we recommend performance golf and polarized fishing glasses for your golfing and fishing hobbies. Our pro-staff never compete without them. Take our advice, if you haven’t already, get a pair to enhance your  fishing and golfing experience!

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