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Do gaming glasses work? - Solar Bat

Gaming Glasses, DO THEY WORK?

These days, the average American spends 7 hours and 11 minutes looking at a screen daily. This number increases if the person is a gamer. Between work, social media, tablets, phones and ATMs, there’s always a screen to look at. 

The problem is that staring at a screen for too long has negative effects on your vision.

However, as the world changes, it's becoming less probable that we'll spend less time in front of screens. So, how do you offset these consequences and protect your vision, especially if you’re a gamer? This is where gaming glasses come in.

Do Gaming Glasses Work? - Solar Bat

How does blue light affect the eyes?


Computer and video gamers tend to spend hours on end in front of the screen, usually in a dark room. These screens release a high-energy visible (HEV) light, which is a portion of the blue light spectrum. This has a number of biological effects, including on the eyes. 

The blue light emitted from the screen can cause digital eye strain. Sore or irritated eyes, headaches, difficulties focusing, hazy vision, dry eyes, and eye tiredness are all signs of this condition. Over time, studies are being done to see if exposure could also result in development of  macular degeneration, retina damage, and cataracts. 

Some people have even reported having issues with sleep and insomnia. This is because blue light effects melatonin levels, which impacts overall sleep quality.

Gaming glasses were developed to help prevent some of the issues associated with extended blue light exposure.


How do gaming glasses block blue light?

  • Anti-Reflective coating - Gaming glasses have an anti-reflective coating on the lens. This coating helps to reduce the glare from the screens, which in turn reduces eye strain. 
  • True Gaming glasses also feature a melanin color tint that is very effective in specifically filtering the HEV portion of the blue light spectrum
  • They provide clarity - The blue light can sometimes make it hard for you to see clearly what is on the screen, especially when it comes to words or small objects. Images also do not have the same level of sharpness and contrast as the actual world.

    Gaming glasses provide a contrast which helps to sharpen words and images on the screen, therefore leading to overall clarity.

    Do gaming glasses work?

    Yes. Research has shown that gaming glasses significantly reduce the effects of blue light on the eyes. People reported they also encourage a normal circadian rhythm and restore healthy melatonin levels.

    Do Gaming Glasses Work? - Solar Bat

    Best gaming glasses to purchase in 2022?

    If you are looking for gaming or computer glasses, Solar Bat has a range to choose from. Our lenses have a blue light reflecting coating that is also infused with melanin tint. The melanin naturally present in your eyes protects your eyes from dangerous HEV/blue light.

    The light reflecting coating along with the melanin tint infused into the lens, provides your eyes with the protection they need from blue light and especially HEV exposure.

    Our lenses have a light brown tint which directly contrasts the blue light and gives your eyes the protection they need.

    So, if you want to enjoy gaming for longer periods without feeling the effects of digital eye strain, invest in a pair today!