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Get to Know Bradley Roy, Professional Fisherman

The outdoor life isn’t strange to the people who grew up in the farmlands of Kentucky. Fishing in ponds and chasing whitetails is what professional fisherman Bradley Roy’s childhood was all about.

Who is Bradley Roy, professional fisherman? 


Bradley Roy is the youngest pro angler to fish a Bassmaster Elite Series event at just 19 years old. In this informative video, we get to know Bradley Roy as he takes us through his community and shows us the stomping grounds that shaped him to be the award-winning professional fisher he is today.

Bradley Roy, Professional Fisherman - Solar Bat


As Bradley backs out of his driveway and turns onto the open road, he comments on how much joy driving to the farm or setting up for hunting brings him. “... it brings back memories. Joy comes to mind, and it relaxes me. And I get a lot of good thinking done too because it’s nothing but good memories.” He further explains that he feels blessed to have grown up hunting and fishing. 

The vehicle heads down a single lane road that to outsiders may seem like it leads to nowhere. However, Roy only smiles because this is where the true center of his joy lies. “I don’t know what it is about a one lane road or an old gravel road, but it just seems like if there’s something good, it’s always at the end of a one lane road. Whether it’s a boat ramp or a farm.” 

Bradley takes us down memory lane, literally, as his truck drives through muddy waters that only promise to lead somewhere interesting. The vehicle comes to a stop, and he jumps out as he begins to describe the farm before us. The vast, luscious green land spread out like a massive grassy blanket. The land seems to go on forever and meet the sky above at the horizon point. 

Huge turkeys graze the weeds, casually minding their own, as Bradley reveals precious memories from his childhood. 

He grew up on Herrington Lake and began his professional fishing career there. Bradley commented that he participated in countless tournaments by that lake. “To me, it was home. And my love of fishing, and the passion that drives me, grew right here on this lake.” 

Bass Pro Tour MLF

Bradley is an MLF Bass Pro Shops Tour fisherman, three-time BassMaster Classic qualifier, and BassMaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year. He started the 2022 season making waves by winning Stage One of the Bass Pro Tour at Bussey Brake Reservoir in Monroe-West Monroe, Louisiana.

Bradley Roy, Professional Fisherman - Solar Bat

Bradley Roy Solar Bat Glasses

As a professional fisherman who has a major fishing league title under his belt, including 12 Top 10s and 25 Top 20s, it says a lot about his choice in sunglasses. Bradley Roy is one of our pro staffers and even has his own Solar Bat sunglasses collection. 

The Bradley Roy Glasses probably won’t make you fish like a champion, but it will certainly provide you with champion-level protection while out on the water. These glasses feature comfort and adequate ventilation for the eyes, while still providing rugged durability for wear and tear. 

The Co-injected TCG increases grip along the temples as the temperature increases, so no need to worry about them slipping off your face in hot weather. Most importantly, it has PNVXG3 for all day razor sharp vision, so you can have better clarity of the fish in the water below.

Ready to invest in a pair of professional fishing sunglasses? Check out the Bradley Roy Collection or our SB 1004 Black series.

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