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hunting glasses

What Can Hunting Glasses Do For You

Hunting Glasses: What You Need To Know

A hunter never leaves without their go-to weapon or favorite pair of hunting shoes or boots. But, what if the clouds break while you’re hunting out? Or the sun prevents you from taking the perfect shot?


One thing that is often overlooked is eyewear, specifically hunting sunglasses. Not only do they offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but they allow a hunter to see better the environment around them, which is crucial to make an accurate and safe shot.


Even if the forecast doesn’t suggest sunny skies, it’s always good to prepare for what the outdoors has to throw at you!


Protective eyewear is necessary for anyone operating a firearm, whether on a shooting range or hunting in the great outdoors. If you wear contacts or don’t need any vision correction, a quality pair of contoured sports goggles or safety goggles will do the trick.


What Lens Color is Best for Hunting?

Here's a quick overview of some vital lens color options:


Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange are the most common lens colors for hunting sunglasses because they are the perfect colors to block haze and blue light since they are on the opposite end of the color spectrum. This helps to enhance the contrast between a target and the environment around it.

 hunting glasses yellow hunting glasses orange

Purple, Blue, and Pink

Light purple, blues, and even a rose color are also good lens colors. These are ideal for enhancing the orange or warmer shades of a target since it’s on the other side of the color spectrum. This may be beneficial depending on what kind of target you’re hunting.

 hunting glasses

hunting glasses


Gray lenses do not use contrasting colors to enhance a target, but they help reduce the glare of the sun on a bright day. They help enable the wearer to see their target clearly for a more accurate shot.


The Positives of Wearing Shooting SunGlasses


  • When you go to a shooting range, most places require you to wear protective eye gear. Just because you are outside doesn’t mean the same protective rules don’t apply. Wearing glasses while hunting is pivotal to making sure you have a successful and safe hunt. Here are some of the reasons why you should always have a pair of shooting glasses on:
  • As we touched upon in the section above, choosing the right pair of glasses can help you see better. This means that when you set out to go on a hunt, you will be able to come back with plenty of prey. You will be able to have something to bring back when you invest in the right hunting glasses.
  • Accidents happen. More often than you think. You do not want to leave your eyes unprotected when you are using a firearm. What happens if you do not have any protective eye gear on and a ricochet hits you in the eye? That will warrant a trip to the emergency room and might even cause permanent damage. Avoid all of this by putting on a pair of shooting glasses next time you decide to go hunting.
  • When you are hunting, you are commonly in a heavily wooded area. If you don’t have on your protective glasses, you can run the risk of getting poked in the eye by a branch or a twig. You could also possibly get dust in your eyes. You are out in the wilderness, meaning you must protect yourself. Do not leave your hunting glasses at home next time you go out!

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