Solar Bat Quality at an Affordable Price

Customers may think, “how can I get the same quality sunglasses at less than half the price?”  Dr. Gary Nesty, Solar Bat founder and graduate with honors from the Indiana University School of Optometry, answers this way.  

Solar Bat Eye Protection Web Store 2022

“Because I am a trained optometrist, knowledgeable in the human eye and optics, Solar Bat does not require an extensive design team to develop tints and frames.  I own 72 acres in rural Indiana, and the entire Solar Bat facility is on the property I own.  All Solar Bat’s competitors are in big-city industrial parks with high rent and fancy/expensive office buildings.  Solar Bat is a family-owned business and has no stockholders to keep pleased with high-profit margins.  We provide quality equal to or better than sunglasses in the $200-$300 price range by passing all these savings to the customer.”

The proof is in the product.  Try a pair of Solar Bat sunglasses and the doctor guarantees unsurpassed quality at an inflation-busting price.  Wear a Solar Bat sunglass, and you will never go back to your old brand.  See the full Solar Bat line at

  1. State-of-the-art impact resistance.
  2. Optical quality lenses.
  3. Double-thickness scratch-resistant coatings on front and back surfaces.
  4. Maximum polarization.
  5. Blocks all harmful UV wavelengths.
  6. Only the finest frame materials are utilized.
  7. Many frames feature Solar Bat’s proprietary TCG co-injected in the temples and coating the nose pads to keep your sunglasses in place under the most extreme conditions.
  8. Best sunglass warranty in the market.
  9. Frames, lenses, and tints designed by an optometrist and outdoorsman then tested for a minimum of 6 months before released.
  10. Sport and activity-specific performance tints.

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