What Are Green Polarized Lenses Good For?

Glare decreases visual performance as static effects hearing. Anything that obstructs or impedes clear vision can at minimum become an annoyance, or worse, be the cause of accidents. Luckily, we have simple yet great innovations such as sunglasses to help solve issues like these. Furthermore, understanding how light and glare affects the eyes has led to the development of specialized lenses called polarized lenses. 

Green Polarized Sunglasses Lenses - Solar Bat

What are Polarized lenses? 

Polarized lenses have a specially designed thin film, either glued on or molded in, that filters reflected light from horizontal surfaces.

Sunlight naturally spreads and scatters in all different directions, but when it hits a flat surface, the light that is reflected becomes polarized - which means the reflected light travels in a uniform direction parallel to the reflective surface. This is what causes harsh glares when reflected from horizontal surfaces, which can cause eye strain and impede vision. 

Polarized lenses are not to be confused with blue light lenses. Polarized sunglasses are great for outdoors, or people with a general light sensitivity. They’re also very helpful when driving since they block the glare from bright sunlight which could be reflected from wet roads, cars, or any other reflective surface. 

However, they are not useful at filtering blue light that is emitted from devices such as tablets, cell phones or laptops. 

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Why do polarized lenses have different colors?

Polarized lenses come in various colors, including green, brown, amber, gray, blue, purple, red, rose, yellow, gold or orange. The colors of polarized lenses are not just random or to make a fashion statement. They all serve a different purpose. 

All tints, except grays, will enhance certain colors while filtering or bleaching other colors, thus enhancing the wearer’s vision when matched to the colors key for performance.. Some colors are even used to enhance vision in cloudy, low light or misty settings.   

How do green polarized lenses work?

Green lenses are effective at providing contrast by filtering browns and enhancing greens.  A green lens will improve contrast,  For example, if looking for weedlines (green) in muddy water (brown) the green will be enhanced and the brown bleached out, thus aiding in location of weedlines.

Are green polarized lenses good for sports?

Due to the fact that these lenses are great for both sunny and low light conditions, while being able to reduce glare, green tinted polarized lenses are  perfect for all types of outdoor activities, including fishing, golf and driving.. Since the lenses help to sharpen vision, they will also help you to visually perform no matter the outdoor activity.

Green Polarized Lenses - Solar Bat

How to find the right pair of green polarized sunglasses

While this lens tint is for a specific in purpose, you still want to ensure that comfort and style are included in your process of selection. If you’re going to be using your sunglasses for sporting activities, you want to pay special attention to the fit. Ensure the glasses are comfortable, but still snug enough that they won’t fall off or slide due to sweat or movement. 

If you are looking for sunglasses that are multipurpose, including helping your vision with outdoor sporting activities, green polarized sunglasses are a good pick. Contact us for further guidance or general information.

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