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Buying Fishing Sunglasses - Solar Bat

What to Look for When Buying Fishing Sunglasses?

It’s a beautiful day out. The sun is up, but it’s hidden by light, cotton-candy clouds. It’s warm but not humid. You take a glance out at the lake and decide it would be a good time to go out and try your luck. After gathering all your fishing equipment, you head out to the dock. You start to set up but realize you’ve forgotten one very important thing, your fishing glasses!

Buying Fishing Sunglasses - Solar Bat

Why are fishing glasses so important?

When fishing, the glare from the sun reflecting off the water's surface limits your under the water’s surface vision. There are four types of glares that can affect vision:  

  1. Distracting glare - This happens when light is being reflected from one optical medium to another.
  2. Discomforting glare - This type of glare occurs from everyday sunny conditions. People may respond to this type of glare in varying degrees, depending on their individual light sensitivity. 
  3. Disabling glare - This sort of glare, also known as veiling glare, is caused by too much direct sunlight and can actually block vision.
  4. Blinding glare - This is the type of glare that results from light being reflected off of smooth surfaces, such as snow, water or sand. This glare affects fishermen. 

    How do polarized fishing glasses work?

    Fishing glasses are designed to shield the eyes from discomforting and  blinding glare from the sun and  reflected off the water. The light from the sun shines down and hits the horizontal surface of the water and is reflected producing blinding glare.

    Finishing glasses have lenses that encapsulate a special thin polarizing film that filters out the horizontal light, thus eliminating glare from horizontal surfaces such as the water. By nearly completely eliminating this blinding  glare, not only will these sunglasses protect your eyes from strain and UV damage, but they will also enable  you see what is beneath the water’s surface.

    Buying Fishing Sunglasses - Solar Bat

    What to look for when buying fishing sunglasses

    1. Polarization - Just any regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes or provide you with the clarity you require on the water.  Sunglasses must be polarized to accomplish what the fisherman needs.
    2. Wrap around thicker constructed frames -

      Thin frames can still allow light to pass through the sides of the lens and reflect into your eyes. 

      Thick frames that will help to block out any sunlight that may try to enter from various angles.

      Thick frames are more secure on the face and offer better overall protection when in nature’s occasionally unforgiving conditions.
    3. Polycarbonate lenses - Polycarbonate lenses are the preferred material for fishing glasses because of their lightweight, impact resistant nature. It is the safest polarized lens and provides comfort to the wearer.

      Glass lenses are more likely to shatter, which could cause severe damage to the wearer. 
    4. Lens color -  There are several tints of polarized glasses that give provide you with optimum clarity on the water.
    • Gray lenses are neutral and will keep the color of the world consistent while wearing the lens.
    • Amber or brown colored lenses are contrast enhancing. These tints are great for overcast days or even in-shore fishing where you may encounter a lot of shadows. 
    • Pure green tinted lenses are the ultimate for fishing as green is enhanced and brown is bleached out.  Weeds and fish are more visible and muddy water appears less muddy.

    So, ready to go fishing? Grab a pair of fishing sunglasses to enjoy better clarity and protection!