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Why Gaming Glasses Make the Best Gaming Gifts


Why Gaming Glasses Make the Best Gaming Gifts


Computer gaming is now considered a competitive sport. That means game enthusiasts are spending more time online, sitting in front of their screens, perfecting their craft, and playing for more than just fun. If you are around serious gamers, then you know just how much time and money is spent on this sport.

On the flip side, there are still many people who just love gaming as a hobby, and while they may spend a few hours online, it doesn’t consume their entire lives.

Well, no matter which side of the spectrum your gaming loved ones fall, it can sometimes be very difficult to buy gifts for gamers. On the outside, looking in, it can seem as if they have everything they need to satisfy their budding hobby or gaming job. But there are a few key items we know gamers will love, and we want to let you in on the secret.

If this sounds like someone you know, keep reading to find the best gifts they will appreciate.

The best gaming gifts for gamers 2022 - Gaming glasses

Spending hours at a time in front of a screen can adversely affect your visual comfort and performance. In fact, we covered the effects in this blog. The blue light that the screen emits, especially the HEV portion of the blue spectrum, can cause irritated eyes, headaches, difficulty concentrating, hazy vision, dry eyes, and eye fatigue. Limiting blue light exposure, predominantly HEV, is key to preventing these effects and protecting your eyes from long-term damage. 

Wearing gaming glasses with an anti-reflective lens coating help block the blue light and reduce eye strain very minimally.  To provide full filtration and protection from the blue light and especially HEV, Solar Bat developed a lens that has the blue anti reflection coat but has a special melanin color tint that is designed to filter the HEV portion of the blue light spectrum.

Top gaming glasses in 2022 

  1. Cruise Computer - These Solar Bat gaming glasses aren't only practical, but also stylish. They are comfortable, and the frames mimic the traditional styling of sunglasses. It has a keyhole bridge, which makes the frame comfortable on narrow to average nose shapes.
    Cruise Computer
  2. River - Blue light can come from all directions from sources such as high efficient lighting. Traditional style frames do not block this light from the side. Our River frames offer an 8R wrap that wraps around your face to shield your eyes from all sides. The rectangular design works great for those with narrow temples. It is also very lightweight, which means it’s perfect for sudden movements gamers may have, while still giving them unrestricted peripheral vision.
  3. Natural 2 Computer - Rimless frames + large lens sizes = undistracted vision. These wrap-around frames deliver full protection from the computer’s blue light from every angle. For additional comfort, it also has clear adjustable nose pads that will keep the glasses sitting upright and steady on the face, so you won’t be distracted by them sliding off. The temples will also sit comfortably under headsets due to the TCG rubber for the temples.
    Natural 2 Computer
  4. 040L - This frame has a unique three-point design, which means there is no frame around the lenses. The temples and bridge screws onto the lenses at three points. It’s perfect for female gamers, as it is as stylish as it is unique. The wrap-around design protects the eyes from all angles, delivering undistracted coverage.

Gaming glasses are definitely a gift gamers will appreciate, and with so many options to choose from, we know you will find a pair they will love. 

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