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Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Cycling Glasses

Everyone who enjoys cycling needs a pair of cycling sunglasses.

Cycling glasses wrap around your head and completely shield your eyes. Your eyes get complete protection against any stray projectiles approaching from any angle. 

Their wrap-around design not only provides a wider unrestricted field of peripheral vision but also keeps the lenses in place better than ordinary glasses.  You will get less wind behind the sunglasses so they will not lift off your face at speed.  Solar Bat uses specific materials for the lenses with special characteristics, while the frames themselves are super-light and aerodynamically built.

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Here are some features you look for when you’re choosing your cycling gear. 


Cycling glasses provide anti-fogging features in two ways. Either through a special anti-fogging coating or special frame ventilation design that quickly clears up any fog from the glasses. Anti-fog coatings are short lived and must be applied on a regular basis.  For long term fog control the frames must fit to allow air ventilation behind the lens and this is achieved by several design features utilized by Solar Bat.

Protection From UV Rays

UV wavelengths have detrimental effects on the human eye ranging from malignancies, macular degeneration, and cataracts just to mention a few.  UV can also cause a type of sunburn to the conjunctiva layer covering the white of your eye.  Have you ever experienced red eyes after prolonged sun exposure?  UV can have a drying effect on eye tissue resulting in itchy, irritated, and watering eyes.  Sound familiar after sunlight exposure? 

Specially Frame Designs

You should look for cycling glasses that come equipped with an adjustable nose piece to ensure they fit properly and TCG co-injected in the temples to keep the glasses in place throughout even the bumpiest rides.

Polarized Lens Tints

Flat surfaces give off glare from the sun.  Polarized lenses eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces and thus improve visual performance.  Glare is to your vision as static is to your hearing.  Polarization is extremely important on wet pavement during or after a rain.

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Solar Bat commits to creating high-quality eyewear for every occasion. We have a team of experienced professionals who tirelessly work to innovate the best frames. Explore our collection to find your perfect frames.

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