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Collection: Performance Bicycling, Running and Jogging Series

Bicyclers, runners, and joggers wear safety equipment unique to their sport but often eye safety is neglected.  Whatever the sport, eye safety should always be a concern.  No matter whether bicycling, running, or jogging, a rock, small particle of dirt or a bug in the eye will end your day and even result in a visit to your doctor.  In addition, annoying glare and exposure to UV further evidence the need for excellent eye protection.

Jogging, Bicycling & Running Blue Light Sunglasses

Designing frames for bicycling, running, and jogging sunglasses take the expertise that Solar Bat owner and optometrist, Dr. Gary Nesty, has.  These sports result in elevated body heat and perspiration that can result in lens fogging and perspiration streaming down the front or back surface of the lenses.  Dr. Nesty designed frames to minimize these issues typical of competitive sunglasses.  Frame material is TR90 for lightweight, durability, and comfort.  TCG rubber is incorporated in most all frames to increase grip the more extreme the conditions become.

Lens tints and optics are essential to visual performance in any sport.  Solar Bat’s gray polarized tint is the choice for the brightest days.  The brown polarized lens is perfect on flat light days.   Solar Bat’s proprietary Blue HEV Blocking lenses are the hottest new tint in the lineup.  The tint comes in two variations, the solid tint and the gradient tint.  These non-polarized lens tints filter all the fatigue producing blue HEV wavelengths.  On those days and light conditions when you choose not to wear a dark tint either of these tints are your go to.

Polarized sunglass tints and their applications are:

Brown AP-Light transmission of 17% for those partly cloudy days.

Gray GP-Light transmission of 14% for those brightest of days.

Non-Polarized blue HEV blocking tints and their applications are:

Blue HEV Filtering BF-Light transmission of 80% but blocking all the HEV blue light that causes eye strain.  

Blue HEV Filtering Gradient BFG-Light transmission of 20% in the upper 25% of the lens with 80% transmission in the lower 75% of the lens.  Excellent tint when moving in and out of the sun and shade.

All Blue HEV Filtering lenses also have a blue anti-reflection coating on the back surface.

Treat your eyes to the best bicycling sunglasses, running sunglasses, and jogging sunglasses in the sunglass market.  Designed by the owner/optometrist for your improved performance, eye protection, and visual comfort then tested for a minimum of 6 months before introduced in the market.

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