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Performance Tennis Sunglasses

Tennis is a visual sport centering on a yellow ball and white out-of-bounds lines.  Solar Bat has developed a tint that will make the yellow ball and the out-of-bounds lines more visible.  There is one problem to making a yellow ball more visible; the sun is yellow and bright.  Looking into the sky on the serve or returning a lob subjects the eyes to that bright sky and sun and the normal tennis tint compounds the issue.  To avoid this dilemma Solar Bat tested and developed our performance tennis gradient.  The upper portion of the lens is a 12% light transmission gray and the lower 70% of the lens is our performance aqua tint.  When you look up into the sky your vision is shaded by the gray tint and then when gaze returns to court level your eyes move into the performance tint.  This will reduce your eye’s light level adaptation by at least one-half second, which equates to significant feet of travel by a high-speed tennis ball.


 Leverage Performance Tennis Lenses are constructed of polycarbonate.  Polycarbonate is one of the most impact resistant lens materials in the market and in addition has the properties of blocking all UV light and resisting lens fogging.  Lenses are 8 base wrap to protect your eyes from all angles and the lenses have Dr. Gary Nesty’s proprietary PNVXG2 optics.

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