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Collection: Performance Tennis and Softball Sunglasses

Tennis and softball have several things in common:

  • Both sports are extremely visual in nature and require excellent visual acuity and depth perception.
  • Both are played with what is commonly referred to as an optic yellow ball.
  • Both require excellent vision both at ground level and in the air.
  • Both require quick visual adaptation when transferring vision from ground level to sky and back to ground level.

Solar Bat has developed a tint that will make the yellow ball on the tennis court or the softball field more visible. One problem results from making a yellow ball more visible; the sun is yellow and bright. Looking into the sky on the serve, returning a lob, or fielding a fly ball subjects the eyes to that bright sky and sun. An aqua yellow enhancing tint will adversely affect the player’s vision on skyward gaze. To solve this dilemma Solar Bat tested and developed our performance tennis and softball gradient. The upper 30% of the lens is a 12% light transmission gray tint and the lower 70% of the lens is our performance enhancing aqua tint. When you look up into the sky your vision is shaded by the gray tint and when gaze returns to court or field level your eyes automatically move into the performance aqua tint. This will reduce your eye’s light level adaptation by at least one-half second, which equates to significant feet of travel in either sport.

Leverage Performance Tennis and Softball Lenses are constructed of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is one of the most impact resistant lens materials in the sunglass market and, in addition, has the properties of blocking all UV light and resisting lens fogging. Lenses are 8 base wrap to protect your eyes from all angles and the lenses have Dr. Gary Nesty’s proprietary PNVXG3 optics. Improve your game and keep your eyes safe.

Tennis and Softball Sunglasses

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