Additional Tips

Find an area void of tall buildings or other structures, both manmade and natural, that would restrict your view.

Google search NASA’s pathway map of the total solar eclipse.

Check out the time schedule in your area so you will not miss any of the total eclipse from start to finish.

Check with cities in your area to be aware of all the special events that will surround the event.  Many cities are planning on making the total eclipse a three day event.

If you are traveling from outside the pathway, be sure to get reservations for overnight accommodations early.  Hotels and motels are booking up fast.  You can expect that many hotels or motels will have higher rates and may require you to book multiple days to make your reservation.  Make it a mini vacation.

Be safe with the proper ISO 12312.2 eye protection when viewing this rare natural event. The event will be slow moving so even when wearing ISO 12312.2 eclipse glasses limit your gazed time to no more than 2 minutes out of every 10 minutes so you can appreciate the advancing and receding eclipse.