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Best Hunting Glasses - Solar Bat

What Color Hunting Glasses Are Best?

Every person who is serious about their craft, whether it be a hobby or their profession, must have the right tools. Just as a guitarist will invest in a quality guitar, pick and case, or an athlete will buy the right gears for their sport, so must a hunter invest in the right hunting gears. We’re not just talking about firearms and ammunition, but also protection gears. More particularly, hunting glasses

In America, we take our hunting seriously. The right hunting glasses could be the difference between you making or missing that money shot. 

Best Hunting Glasses - Solar Bat

What are hunting glasses?

Hunting glasses are glasses that can help to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun and help you see clearly to make the right shot. 

Why are they important? 

The sun can sometimes cause spots or glares in your vision. Wearing the right pair of hunting sunglasses can help to eliminate this problem. Additionally, accidents can happen at any moment. Ricochets or gunpowder can blow back when your firearm is discharged and burn the eyes. 

The right eyewear can also protect your eyes from cartridges being ejected from your firearms. Having some form of eye protection can help minimize the effects of any of these incidents. 

How do I select the right pair?

When purchasing shooting glasses, you want to ensure you keep quality and comfort at the forefront of your mind. These glasses are more about fit and function than fashion. Here are a few things to consider: 

  1. Consider the colors that you will have to compete with in the field or the range. The right pair should provide you with proper contrast for your target and surrounding objects. 
  2. They should help to improve your accuracy by helping to sharpen any blurred vision. 
  3. They should be comfortable, but secure on the frame of your face to prevent it from falling off with any sudden movement. 
  4. It should eliminate the need for multiple pairs of glasses. Shooters sometimes wear sunglasses together with their shooting glasses. The right pair should combine both for outdoor wear. 
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Why are hunting glasses yellow?

Yellow hunting glasses are widely recommended by firearms specialists for door and outdoor shooting. 

The yellow tint filters out blue UV light produced by the sun. The UV rays and fog can obscure vision and make targets less defined. Wearing yellow shooting glasses will filter out the blue tint, and sharpen the objects. 

It has also been said by some professionals that the yellow coloration can assist with improving a hunter’s perception of depth. This can increase their overall accuracy and reduce the likelihood of missing targets.

Ready to shop for your new favorite pair of hunting glasses that offer all these features? Take a look at our collection!